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Students Have Option Not to Return to School

April 19, 2007

by Kevin Caruso

Virginia Tech is offering all students the option of not retuning to school when classes resume on April 23, 2007. Students who do not want to return will receive full credit for all courses taken and will be given grades based on their work through April 16 th.

Below is the official notice from Virginia Tech explaining these options.

The Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students are overwhelmed and saddened by recent tragic events. The faculty are concerned for the education of our students, as well as their physical and mental well-being. We realize that various students will react differently to these events. Because of this Virginia Tech will offer students a number of ways to complete the Spring 2007 semester.  This procedure is in effect for all sites and locations where Virginia Tech classes are being taught.

Classes will resume on Monday, April 23, 2007. The first day of class will involve broad ranging discussion of these events from various perspectives. There will also be discussion of the options, which are available to students concerning their completion of the semester.  Information about the options will also be made available online. Classes will be continued with the elimination of one week of work. Students will have the option of requesting, on a course by course basis, that the semester grade be based on the faculty evaluation of:

  • Materials which have already been submitted for grade prior to April 16, or
  • The already submitted material plus any other assigned material which the student wishes to submit for grade, or
  • The material that would have been submitted for grade upon regular completion of the course.

Implementation of this procedure will be accomplished in a manner consistent with  university academic policy. Existing policies related to other academic issues remain in effect.  Flexibility and attention to the needs of the students is a high priority. The deans fully support the implementation and will be supported by the Office of the Provost.

In support of their emotional well-being, it is recommended that students continue to participate in class activities as part of the Virginia Tech community.  We encourage students to continue to take advantage of all learning opportunities. Students will be permitted to defer a decision on which option to exercise until the last day of classes. The Course Withdrawal Policy is also extended until the last day of classes. The options for completing course work allow for students to remove themselves from the campus for all or part of the remainder of the semester without penalty to their course completion, or academic eligibility.

The university has decided that those students whose lives were taken  will be awarded posthumously the academic degree for which they were enrolled effective Spring 2007. These degrees will be awarded during the college, graduate school, or departmental commencement exercises, where such degrees are usually awarded.

Questions regarding implementation of the procedures as outlined should be directed to the academic associate dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.


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