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Lauren McCain

Lauren McCain
Lauren McCain

Lauren McCain
Lauren McCain

Lauren McCain
Lauren McCain

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
Lauren McCain

by Kevin Caruso

Lauren McCain, 20; freshman majoring in international studies; from Hampton, Virginia.

Lauren was a devout Christian. An entry that she wrote on her My Space succinctly described her strong Christian beliefs: “The purpose and love of my life is Jesus Christ. I don't have to argue religion, philosophy, or historical evidence because I KNOW Him. He is just as real, if not more so, as my 'earthly' father.”

And her family said: “Her life [since accepting Christ years ago] has been filled with His love that continued to overflow to touch everyone who knew her.”

Lauren was home schooled and enjoyed learning foreign languages – she studied Latin just to “help her with other languages.” Yes, she was a bright young lady.

She also enjoyed making up words just to have fun. A couple of her favorites: “Lupper” (a meal between lunch and supper) and “squeat” (an abbreviation for “let’s go eat”).

Most of all, though, Lauren was a Christian who cared for other people. “She was a radiant person who had a genuine love for the Lord,” said David Bounds, a pastor at her church.

Jeanne Meadows, a friend of Lauren, best expressed Lauren’s nature when she said that “Lauren had such a sweet innocent heart. I can bet you at the last moment of her life she was most likely praying for the gunman.”

Lauren McCain is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss her.

We honor her.

We love her.

We will never forget her.



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