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Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
Ryan Clark

by Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark, 22, biology and English major; from Martinez, Georgia; graduated from Lakeside High School.

Ryan was a brilliant student who had an impeccable 4.0 GPA.

He was a resident assistant at West Ambler Johnston Hall, the dormitory where he and another person were murdered at 7:15 a.m. on April 16, 20007. It is believed that Ryan ran to help after he heard gunfire, and was shot and killed when he confronted the gunman.

Ryan was known as “Stack” to his friends in the Marching Virginians college band. “He was a loved friend, mentor, and role model who will always hold a special place in the hearts of all the MVs [Marching Virginians] as a true example of The Spirit Of Tech,” said a friend.

Ryan thus exemplified Virginia Tech’s motto “That I may serve,” according to family members and fellow students.

“He was an extraordinary individual. He went above and beyond helping people,” said friend John Barrett.

Rayn worked for two years in a campus dining hall, where co-workers described him as caring, friendly, and helpful. “He always welcomed you with a smile,” said Ryan’s supervisor. “He was one of those rare people. I’m still in shock. It’s hard to comprehend.”

“He tried to cheer people up when they were having a bad day,” said Marsha Dalton, whose daughters, Courtney and Beverly Dalton, worked with Ryan.

His dream was to pursue a doctorate in psychology with a focus in cognitive neuroscience.

He will be remembered as a hero.

Brian Bluhm is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We honor him.

We love him.

We will never forget him.


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