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Minal Panchal

Minal Panchal
Minal Panchal

Minal Panchal
Minal Panchal

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
Minal Panchal

by Kevin Caruso

Minal Hiralal Panchal, 26; graduate student in architecture; from Mumbai, India.

Minal wanted to be an architect like her father, who passed away a few years ago. And she was well on her way to realizing her dream.

“She was a brilliant student and very hardworking. She was focused on getting her degree and doing well,” said Chetna Parekh, a friend.

And Minal was a very kind person that everyone liked. “She was a very sweet girl,” said a friend.

Minal Panchal is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We honor him.

We love him.

We will never forget him.


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