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Norris Hall Horror

by Kevin Caruso

Trey Perkins, a Virginia Tech sophomore, was in a classroom in Norris Hall when he and his classmates heard some loud noises, but they didn’t know what was going on.

“None of us thought it was gunshots,” he said.

But within a few seconds the gunman entered their classroom and started shooting indiscriminately.

“He didn’t say a single word the whole time,” said Perkins. “He didn’t say get down, he didn’t say anything. He just came in and started shooting…He came in with two guns and he immediately opened fire. I would say within 10 seconds, there were so many people down. He wasn't in any location to try to tackle him. I thought about getting up to try to do it, but he was just shooting. There was no way to get over the desks.”

Perkins and his classmates immediately fell to the ground, turning over desks to create barriers between themselves and the gunman.

“He started shooting around,” Perkins recalls. “I’m not sure how long it lasted. It felt like a really long time, but was probably only a minute or so.”

Perkins said the gunman was emotionless throughout the rampage.

“He looked like, I guess you could say, serious. He didn’t look frightened at all, he didn’t look angry. Just a straight face.”

After the gunman left, Perkins and two other students blockaded the door to prevent his return.

Perkins considered jumping out a window but didn't want to abandon his wounded classmates.

“So many people were laying in the room and still conscious and I didn't just want to leave them all there, so we tried to block the door.”

“[The gunman returned and] started to try to open the door again, and then tried to shoot through the door, four, five, maybe six shots,” Perkins said. “Fortunately none of those shots hit anyone.”

Norris Hall
Norris Hall


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