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Liviu Librescu

Liviu Librescu
Liviu Librescu

Liviu Librescu
Liviu Librescu

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
Liviu Librescu

by Kevin Caruso

Liviu Librescu, 76; engineering science and mechanics professor; married with two children.

Liviu was an Israeli citizen who survived the Holocaust. That alone makes him a hero.

He was also an outstanding professor who taught at Virginia Tech for 20 years and was internationally known for his excellent work in aeronautical engineering. “His research has enabled better aircraft, superior composite materials, and more robust aerospace structures,” said Ishwar Puri, the head of the engineering science and mechanics department.

But I must quickly return to the word “hero,” because that word defines this great man

On the day of the massacre, Liviu heard gunfire outside of his classroom so he ran to block the door as he told his students to jump out the second-floor windows.

All of his students escaped safely, but Liviu stood his ground and was fatally shot by the gunman.

It would be hard to imagine a more heroic act.

Liviu Librescu is a hero of the highest order.

We salute you, sir.

Liviu Librescu is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We honor him.

We love him.

We will never forget him.



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