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God bless everyone who was affected by the Virginia Tech Massacre – You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We stand united with you and we love you.

To everyone: Please DO NOT HESITATE to contact us but PLEASE read this entire page before sending us an e-mail; and please send your e-mail to the appropriate department.

And please note that we CANNOT help anyone with school projects. Thank you for your understanding.

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For general inquiries and comments, please send your e-mails directly to the Kevin Caruso, the director and editor-in-chief of


To submit a prayer request that will be prayed for by several prayer groups, please use the following e-mail. (We accept prayer requests from ANYONE who is hurting because of the Virginia Tech Massacre.) There is GREAT power in prayer, so do not hesitate to send your prayer request to us:


To submit pictures, please use the following address:

Your Stories!

We want to hear about your personal experience. Tell us your story!


If you come across a news story that you want us to know about, please use the following address:


If you would like to make a suggestion, please use the following address. (Please note that we cannot implement all suggestions, but your input is very helpful):

God bless you all.

I love you,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
(Virginia Tech is a website.)


Please visit and honor
the angels we lost:

If you or someone you know is suicidal because of the massacre,
please click below for immediate help: