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Hero Liviu Librescu

Liviu Librescu
Liviu Librescu

by Kevin Caruso

Hero – no other word could better describe him.

Heroic – no other word could better describe what he did.

Liviu Librescu was teaching his students in Room 204 when gunfire began to echo in Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus on April 16, 2007. This type of danger was not new to him – he survived the Holocaust and did not fear death, at all. So without hesitation he ran to the door and held it shut as he told his students to flee.

The evil gunman quickly approached and began rapid firing his handguns, hitting Liviu with five bullets. Liviu was able to slow the gunman down considerably, and by the time the cowardly gunman entered the classroom, most of the students had escaped.

And although two of the students sustained injuries, all of them survived.

Sadly, Liviu did not.

Liviu Librescu was a 76-year-old internationally renowned professor, he is now an internationally renowned hero.

On April 27, Liviu was laid to rest in Ra'nana, Israel.

May he rest in peace.




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