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G.V. Loganathan

G.V. Loganathan
G.V. Loganathan

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
G.V. Loganathan

by Kevin Caruso

G.V. Loganathan, 51, professor of civil and environmental engineering; married with two children.

Loganathan was born in India and had been a professor at Virginia Tech since 1982.

He loved to teach and put in long hours without hesitation. “He was so devoted to his students, he would teach a full load throughout the regular year and then during the summer too,” said Craig Moore, one of Loganathan’s students . “He was the most natural teacher – always able to relate things in a way that students could understand.”

He was won several teaching awards, including the university’s 2006 W.E. Wine Award for Excellence in Teaching and a student-voted best-professor award.

And he was a very friendly and approachable person. He always taught “with a smile on his face,” said a former student.

Most importantly, he was deeply devoted to his wife and two daughters.

G.V. Loganathan is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We honor him.

We love him.

We will never forget him.



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