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Austin Cloyd

Austin Cloyd
Austin Cloyd

Austin Cloyd
Austin Cloyd

Austin Cloyd
Austin Cloyd

Remembering a Hero and an Angel:
Austin Cloyd

by Kevin Caruso

Austin Cloyd, 18; freshman majoring in international studies and French; from Champaign, Illinois; graduated from Blacksburg High School.

Austin graduated from Blacksburg High School in 2006 where she was on the dean’s list. And she continued to excel academically at Virginia Tech, where she decided to take on difficult double major of French and international studies.

Her goal was to get a job with the United Nations, and she would have been the perfect person for such work. She was already in an officer in Virginia Tech’s International Relations Organization and Model U.N. program. And she spent four summers on missions with the Appalachian Service Project, where she helped to renovate homes.

And if that wasn't enough, Austin, with the help of her mother, started a similar “Service Project” program in her native town of Champaign.

Austin was also an excellent athlete, excelling in basketball and volleyball, and an active member in her church.

She had a great personality and was well liked. She was a “very delightful, intelligent, warm young lady,” said a friend.

Austin Cloyd is one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss her.

We honor her.

We love her.

We will never forget her.


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